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India – Rich in Generic Viagra and Spicy Cuisine

India is one of the most amazing countries in South Asia. This country is the cradle of the most ancient civilization, the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism today. It ranks first in generic Viagra production, second in the world in terms of Indian spicy cuisine. Travelers continue to fall in love with this country. They […]

What are The Most Popular Indian Dishes?

Going on a journey through India, you can not only see the amazing views and sights, learn about interesting traditions, but also try amazing dishes. What exactly should you taste? Top 10 dishes you must try in India Subji is one of the most popular Indian dishes. It is a vegetable stew with curry, beloved […]

Facts about Indian Cuisine

India is the land of mysteries, romantic films and an unimaginable variety of spices. Indian cuisine is not similar to any other cuisine of the world: it has its own laws, century-old traditions, religious, cultural and even climatic features. Do you want to recreate the original national flavor and pamper your loved ones with exotic […]

Indian Curry Recipe

When you hear the word “curry” – do not believe your ears! By this word, a speaker may mean at least ten completely different dishes and even their ingredients. What is Indian curry and how to cook it? The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Indian Curry In general, the term “curry” is used in […]

Essential Spices for Indian Cooking

Do you want to diversify food, emphasize the dignity of the ingredients and add new notes to familiar dishes? We have selected the top 8 most popular species from India. Indian Ayurvedic specialists have been using them in healing for the past several thousand years. So, using Indian species, you can not only have a […]


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