What are The Most Popular Indian Dishes?

Top 10 Indian Dishes

Going on a journey through India, you can not only see the amazing views and sights, learn about interesting traditions, but also try amazing dishes. What exactly should you taste?

Top 10 dishes you must try in India

Subji is one of the most popular Indian dishes. It is a vegetable stew with curry, beloved by Indians. Subji is served with rice and tortillas. In different recipes, vegetables are supplemented with yogurt, coconut milk, Indian cheese – paneer, various spices and greens.

Dhal (Dal) is a vegetarian soup made from several types of legumes. It includes lemon juice, coconut milk, tomatoes, garlic, fried onions, and curry. Dhal is served with warm cakes.

Indian pickles are vegetables or fruits marinated in mustard or sesame oil. The composition may be different but the recipe is the same: vegetables or fruits are cut, sprinkled with spices and marinated in warm oil for about 3 weeks. As a rule, pickles are made of mango, carrot, onion, cauliflower, garlic, and lime.

Tandoori chickens. If you are going to visit India, you MUST try the tandoori chicken. Tandoor is a roaster oven, a special type of brazier for cooking. Poultry, whole or in part, is marinated in yogurt with spices and then baked over high heat in a tandoor oven. The mixtures used for pickling have become so popular that they are used under the general name “tandoori-masala”. The traditional dish is quite spicy, but in many restaurants focused on Western visitors, the spiciness of the dish is significantly reduced. It is used together with naan and rice.

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Curry is not only the most popular seasonings but also a very popular dish in India. Curry is cooked from vegetables, legumes or meat, using seasoning with the same name. Curry is always served with rice. At the end of the meal, you will be given pan – betel leaves, which are wrapped in crushed betel nut and spices, which improve digestion, according to local residents.

Chapati. In India, you will not find a place where they would not know and cook well-known bread cakes called chapati. They cook this dish very quickly, do not need a lot of products. Chapati is useful because it’s made of flour (atta), which contains bran. Chapati is baked without oil. So, if you are afraid of extra calories – this dish is for you!

Gajar Ka Halwa is carrot halva with almonds. In India, especially in the north of the country, you can see how to cook Gajar ka halwa in local candy stores.

Biriani rice with Wright sauce is basmati rice, fried with a whole set of various spices and additives, such as coriander, cashew nuts, raisins, mint, ginger. This dish is served with rice with meat, often with chicken or lamb, and the sweetish taste of rice does not interfere with meat, but on the contrary, emphasizes its taste. Rice is accompanied by Wright sauce based on unsweetened yogurt, which is mixed with pineapple, cucumber, mint, green onions – anything to your taste. This sauce is the perfect companion for fried rice and meat.

Samosa is a baked or fried pie of a triangular shape, filled with vegetables or cottage cheese. They come in many varieties, shapes and sizes.

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Thali completes this culinary hit parade of Indian cuisine. This amazing dish is translated as “plate” because it is a complete set of different products in one plate. This means that you can simultaneously taste rice, bread, chapatis, fresh and pickled vegetables, sour and sweet sauces in one dish. It is recommended to eat Thali with “lassi” – the Indian counterpart of yogurt, a kind of kefir with various additives, most often bananas, mangoes or pineapples. It perfectly neutralizes the taste of spicy dishes.

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